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ADS is a HUB certified environmental drilling company that has positioned itself, technologically, with the latest state-of-the-art equipment. ADS provides complete environmental services including drilling with all sizes of hollow stem augers, mud, and air rotary to set monitoring wells, casings, borings, direct push, hydropunch water sampling, well development, angle drilling, Plug & Abandonment (P&A), preclearing with water and airknife (jet vac) for the utility and pipe clearance, and underground chemical injection.



Drilling/Probing/Jet Vacuuming Equipment

1.      CME-75 drill rig, H.S.A., torque for 12.25" H.S.A to 250'

2.      CME-85 drill, H.S.A., mud & air rotary rig

3.      CME-75, 4-wheel Drive Buggy Style Drill Rig H.S.A. to 250'.

4.      D-120 Diedrich drill rig, torque for 12.25" H.S.A. to 250'

5.      D-50 Diedrich drill rig, torque for 12.25" H.S.A. to 150'

6.      2001 AMS Combination Power Probe 9600 direct push technology with built in augering capacity mounted on 2001 Ford F-550  super duty diesel 4x4

7.      2004 AMS Combination Power Probe 9620 direct push technology with built in augering capacity mounted on 2003 Kubota 3430  tractor.

8.      2006 AMS Combination Power Probe 9630 direct push technology with built in augering capacity mounted on 2006 Kubota  L3430 tractor

9.      2009 AMS Combination power probe 9300 TR direct push with built in augering mounted on 2009 Kubota L4240

10.    2006 Vermeer VSK1000D Air Knife, Water Knife & Vacuum Systems for the pre-clearing.

          Combination rigs extend our capability from probing to same day escalation of drilling and setting monitoring wells without the expense and time required of mobilization of a separate auger rig. Our combination rigs are equipped with very powerful hydraulic power hammers that allow probing down to more than 75 feet. They are compact, allowing us to drill with hollow stem auger and set monitoring wells in smaller areas, where overhead heights and restricted access might be a concern.

          Our tractor-mounted drill rig can access tight areas as small as 4.6 ft. wide and 7.0 ft. high (not extended), with an extended requirement of 12.0 feet for actual drilling. This drill rig is very compact and useful for tight areas, indoor and under power line work.


          Our goal is to build long term working relationships with our clients by providing outstanding drilling, probing and under ground chemical injection services at competitive prices. We aim for perfection in all of our services. We invite you to give ADS the opportunity to bid on your next project and promise you complete satisfaction.


          ADS drilling personnel are TDLR licensed drillers whose number one priority is SAFETY. All of our field personnel have received ExxonMobile Loss Prevention System (LPS) training, OSHA 40-hour health and safety training in accordance with CFR 1910.120 and undergo annual 8-hour health and safety refresher training, as well as random drug testing. We take great pride in our safety record. We have never had an accident, therefore, our OSHA record able rate is at ZERO, and we are committed to keeping it at that level.


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