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Why Choose Advanced Drilling Systems?

There are several advantages to incorporating ADS into your environmental drilling and probing needs.  Consider the following:

- ADS has the most powerful power probe direct push technology available in the market today,  allowing for direct push probing down to 75 feet.  

- ADS has combination direct push and auguring capacity rigs, providing on-site flexibility for continuous sampling via power probe with auguring capacity to set monitor wells without the expense and time required for mobilization of separate augering rigs.

- ADS tractor mounted drill rigs are compact enabling drilling in smaller areas where overhead heights and restricted access may be a consideration.  The tractor can access areas as small as 4.5 feet in width with 8.6 feet overhead clearance (unextended), with 12 feet overhead requirements extended.

- ADS is expert and equipped with the state-of-of-the-art equipment for underground chemical injection. 



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