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When faced with the choice of technologies available to accomplish client needs, ADS focuses on the bottom line - Performance & Cost.

The ADS fleet is unique.  ADS is equipped with all sizes of conventional drilling rigs such as CME-85, CME-75, D-120 Diedrich, D-50 Diedrich, CME-75 and B-57 Buggy Rig, and tractor-mounted rigs that allow drilling in any type of field. We are equipped with a combination of drilling and direct push technology. This choice in technology was made specifically to extend our capability to support drilling in environmentally challenging areas and smaller spaces with possible overhead height restrictions. 

This technology also assists environmental firms in providing a power hammer that allows push probing down to 75 feet without the extra expense of additional rigs and personnel for auguring and related waste disposal.  This combination rig also provides benefits in :

Efficiency, allowing for same day escalation of the work not only with regards to probing but for drilling and monitor well installation, without the expense and time required for the mobilization of a separate auger rig.


Versatility, providing drillers an extended platform that allows offset drilling up to 5ft from the back of the rig, as well as an articulating platform that allows lateral positioning up to 45 degrees to the left and right of the centerline of the rig. This becomes very useful in areas with curbs, dropoffs and other environmental conditions.



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